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Hangar Manzoni was established on the bank of Lake Como as a space devoted to creativity that wants to celebrate art in all its forms. Indeed, this place was conceived to host inspiration and the willingness to change, as well as to disseminate information, stir curiosity and spread the culture of beauty. After several years of experience in industrial design, Alessandra Del Bon is now launching her design studio & contemporary creative space.

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Who is Alessandra Del Bon?

Immediately after graduating in industrial design, I had the good fortune of meeting Ivana Porfiri, with whom i worked for 6 years in the sphere of interior design for luxury yachts. This experience was fundamental, both professionally and personally.

Having worked for a number of years at Porfiristudio, I then had the opportunity to work on a more industrial type of creativity and so I joined the technical staff of Bruni Glass SPA (a leading distributor of glass food packaging) for 12 years of hard work and great achievements, after which I felt it was high time for me to move on to something that would be really mine.

I was born and raised in Milan but I have always loved the lake environment with its apparently incarcerated water and small villages silently mirroring in it.
On the wake of fortunate circumstances, I moved to the “banks of Como Lake that look south”. After so many years of driving back and forth between Milan and my lake, between one project and the next, I found myself looking for a place I really belong to, to root myself into it so as to create and design, with new insights to draw inspiration from; a place other than the one I was accustomed to – which had become too narrow for me.

Can you tell us something about how you came across Hangar Manzoni?

It was a random finding! I was strolling on the bank of the adda river, when I spotted an old, run-down shed scarred by the marks left by the passing of time and never repaired.
As I drew closer to observe that akward building, I saw a faded notice. It said: for sale.
All of a sudden, I was so excited! I saw in it all it could become, and that’s how Hangar Manzoni came into being.

Can you explain what’s in store for us in this space?

In the main, it will be my place of work, where I will delve into design, graphics and prototyping projects, always, however, leaving plenty of room for creativity, art and music.
It is meant to be a place of conviviality, a place to meet and exchange ideas but above all a place to re-discover art in an area where industrial and economic forces have somehow overshadowed the value and importance of getting to know each other and be inspired by those who see the world from a perspective that goes way beyond ordinary rules.
A place where the strong fingerprint left on the local territory by industrial activities lives alongside the more marks of art.

Why this name "Hangar Manzoni"?

I chose this name to honor a place that is imbued with history and humanity.
Hangar Manzoni is located in Pescarenico, right in the heart of the old town, beloved for its beauty and renowned for being mentioned by Alessandro Manzoni in the well-known passage of the bethroded “Farewell to the Mountains”.

«[...] Pescarenico is a small hamlet on the left bank of the Adda, or, rather, of the lake, a few steps below the bridge; a group of houses, inhabited for the most part by fishermen, and adorned here and there with nets spread out to dry [...]»

One last question: when will we be able to see it?

As a matter of fact, the main elements are already in place, i.e. the reinforced concrete beams built “as they used to do in the good old days” and the 3 large arches overlooking the river.
Renovation works have been delayed by approximately 3 months due to the Coronavirus pandemic; however, we’re all set for the grand opening by the end of the year.

“No sooner had i seen this place than i felt excited: I immeditely saw it all, I mean, what Hangar Manzoni would become” — ADB

Glass packaging design, graphics, rendering, prototyping, exhibition booths This, and a lot more, just to give a flair of the wealth of activities that will breathe life into this most peculiar place soon to blossom on the bank of Lake Como.

In a nutshell, Hangar Manzoni will be a lab where ideas and thoughts will have a life of their own. Curved lines and lights will merge as one within glass so as to form a harmonic whole and bring to life new design concepts amid reflections and shapes.

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